Comic strip

lucky marty Planche de BD

In the course of the MMI training, we each had to produce a comic strip.
The theme was travel.


It’s the story of a young man who comes home quite late from work. When he arrives home, tired, he doesn’t feel like cooking at all. As a solution, he orders a pizza. Unfortunately, at the pizzeria, only one pizza is offered. After eating his pizza, he falls asleep and begins to dream of these wishes. Unlimited money, going on a trip, an all-you-can-eat buffet, he can buy everything and as much as he wants … But he misses one thing, the love of those around him and the family. And at that moment, someone rings the bell. He sees his parents and jumps into these arms.

How did I do it?

My comic strip has 17 boxes arranged on an A3 sheet.
I made it using Photoshop. The drawn images are images found on the internet (google image). And the character was created using a site ( where I was able to change his position and facial expressions. Also, since it’s paid, I had to retouch some facial expressions in Photoshop (Example of the character who closes her eyes. Basically she is a character with eyes open).
I chose to put in black and white because I wanted to put an effect of monotony of everyday life and only illuminate the most important moments which is at the same time moral. The morale here is that the love given by the family is very important. And to visualize the dream, I put some clouds, a slight blur to give that effect.

Published on 06/08/2019